Employee Spotlight: Reid Briley

Reid Briley, SET, QSP

Lab Manager

For the first installment of our “Employee Spotlight” series, we interviewed Reid Briley, a Lab Manager at Fenagh. When we asked Reid why he chose to get into engineering, he said, “I didn’t choose this line of work, it chose me.”

Reid’s Uncle Bob is a superintendent and was working on a job in Coronado in 2005. He was working with Rodney Smith from RJS Inspections and found out that he needed someone to do pickups for him. Reid was going to school at Mesa College and needed a job to help pay his way through school. He started off picking up cylinders in a 1988 Ford Ranger. He would pick up anywhere from 20 to 100 (6 by 12) cylinders into a 1988 Ranger, bring them back to Davis Earth & Materials in San Diego and log them in. This quickly progressed to full-time employment as a Lab & Field Technician and from there he became a Lab Manager.

The quality of Reid’s work is always evident. When asked what he does to provide exceptional service to Fenagh’s clients, Reid said that he tries to look at each project with a fresh set of eyes and not assume things are the same. “No matter how much I think I know, I am always open to learning more or asking questions,” he told us, “I also strive for a 1-day turnaround for electronic reporting of concrete cylinders, and any other test within 3 days of receipt.”

One thing that Reid thinks makes Fenagh unique compared to other construction and testing services, is that Fenagh is not afraid of innovating or improving their processes. Reid himself has been at the forefront of implementing many of these innovations. “I have looked at processes with a new set of eyes and found ways to improve them,” Reid said when we interviewed him.

One example of how Reid has done this is when he helped open Fenagh’s Rancho Cucamonga office and was given the Boston QSM. Reid was part of the team that improved this system to make it California compliant for DSA and OSHPD. Reid’s leadership style is knowing the capabilities of his peers and delegating tasks accordingly. When necessary, Reid teaches by example, showing the way in which a task is done.

We asked Reid what other types of things he has done to enhance service performance at Fenagh and he told us, “I can’t tell you that I have developed or singularly created something without some help. I have envisioned some tasks such as the overhaul of the following programs, but have always utilized Interns and Other Great Employees to help develop:

Safety – working with Industry Experts to redevelop our IIPP and Safety Training.

• When done this will improve safety along with ensuring compliance for the company.

NDT Program – Updated forms and document keeping.

• For the employees we have converted we can quickly find paperwork during an outside agency audit.

• We could send to other NDT Level III’s with all the documents required by ASNT & CP-189 for them to issue our employees certifications for Joint Venture opportunities or when work is subcontracted to us.

• Updated certification form to include other pertinent information that is frequently requested by auditors.

• Once completed, we should meet the requirements to pursue ISO Acceptance of our NDT Program. (ASTM E543 – Standard Specification for Agencies Performing Nondestructive Testing)

RSO Program – Updated travel papers, Radiation Safety Program and Storage/Signage Program.

• Our system is now top of the line and could pass any DOT Inspection.

• Can serve as an example to the company/a model for future offices.”

Reid told us that the most challenging task in the past year was working with Jason Robertson, Jonathan Felts, Robert Palermo, and Alex Macon to get Fenagh’s New York office ready for a CCRL Audit in about 3 weeks. This involved the following tasks:

• Coordinating the delivery, calibration, maintenance and inventory of equipment.

• Preparing the documents for Quality Systems Manual, Calibration Manual, Maintenance Manual, Quality Systems Forms and other Applicable Forms.

• Adapting to unanticipated changes since this is a new state and new Requirements.
As a general rule, Reid never assumes that he knows everything and if he doesn’t know something, then he reaches out to the following resources:

• Subject Matter Experts (Inside/Outside Company)

• Internal resources within company working in a similar capacity to me.

• Relying on the Engineering Team to check my work.

We concluded the interview by asking Reid what the most personally fulfilling part of his job is and he said, “the most satisfying part of my job is showing a new inspector something like a trade or best practice and watching their reaction/satisfaction from understanding what I’m training them on.”

We hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit more about Reid Briley, one of the top Lab Managers at Fenagh Engineering & Testing. Make sure to check back soon for more new posts.

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