“A lot of it is just not being offended by anything. In New York, a guy you know could curse you out then buy you pizza for lunch.”

Robb Aumuller, Fenagh Inspector and Lab Technician

Robb Aumuller began his career in New York back in 2015, starting out as an Entry Level Construction Inspector. He progressed by learning on the job and making a point of earning new certifications in things like concrete, soils, and asphalt inspections. He did this for a few years, moved to California in July 2018 to be with his girlfriend, and started working with Fenagh that November.

Robb Aumuller - Fenagh Inspector 1

Robb has noticed some differences between his experiences as an inspector in New York versus California. In general, Robb finds California to be more laid back than New York. This is apparent to anybody who has visited both places, with New York being more densely populated and busy, while Los Angeles is much more spread out with less high rises.

However, he finds this translates to his interactions with contractors and industry professionals as well. He’s found that people tend be more receptive and conversational in California, while business interactions in New York tend to be firm and matter-of-fact.

Robb Aumuller - Fenagh Inspector 2

In terms of construction inspections, New York projects tend to include structural elements more often, since high rises and skyscrapers are more prominent there than in California. He’s also noticed that California has far more wood-frame structures, which are virtually non-existent in New York. Everything in New York tends to be built with steel and concrete.

Robb Aumuller - Fenagh Inspector 3

Robb’s favorite thing about working in New York is the fact that you get to work with a wide variety of structures. The buildings range in size, age, and architecture. For example, there was a project he once worked on that involved a historic fire house that hadn’t been used for 50 years. They were demolishing it and building a new one using the same specs as when it had first been built, but more modern and up-to-date. In Robb’s words, “You get to see a little bit of everything in New York.”

Robb Aumuller - Fenagh Inspector 6

On the other side of the coin, his favorite thing about working in California is the weather. He told us, “I like not having to test concrete in February when it’s 20 degrees out.” Another thing he likes about working in California is the fact that, “everybody seems to be a lot more eager to help the inspector do his job out here.” He enjoys this because it puts less of a toll on him to verbally demand the changes that the structure requires, which is often necessary in New York.

Robb Aumuller - Fenagh Inspector 4

Even though he has to be more demanding in New York, Robb told us, “there’s nothing bad about that. That’s how I grew up; that’s all I know. I appreciate that way of thinking.” People may be firmer and more demanding in the New York construction industry, but that’s just how the people are there. In Robb’s words, “A Lot of it is just not being offended by anything. In New York, a guy you know could curse you out then buy you pizza for lunch.” Robb says you just have to realize in New York that everybody has a job to do just like you. He appreciates the New York culture and the fast-paced energy that comes with it.

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These are just a few of the differences that Robb has noticed between New York and California. We have offices in both locations, so if your construction project requires special inspections and materials testing, Contact Us today!

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