About Us
Management Team
Jonathan Felts, PE
Vice President
Mr. Felts has over 11 years of experience in the construction industry. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, he is an experienced professional with knowledge of a wide range of topics including water resources, pipeline design, utility design, grading, cost estimating, planning, commercial and residential site designs, SWPPP preparation and schedule management. Jonathan performs and manages engineering investigations, fiber wrap testing, floor flatness testing, echo testing and analysis, brick shear testing and rebar, conduit and PT tendons locating. Jonathan also oversees the Fenagh laboratory as well as provides project management services.
Robert Palermo
CFO & New York Operations Manager
Mr. Palermo is an expert leader in the finance and administration of construction projects, job costing, and corporate accounting.  He facilitates excellent collections and negotiations, all while possessing great relationship management skills, inspiring Fenagh’s teams to outperform expectations. Mr. Palermo has over 30 years of industry experience in delivering on-time positive results for projects totalling upwards of $10 billion.
Robert Munck
Boston Operations Manager
Mr. Munck has over 24 years of material testing and inspections experience, working on a wide array of projects throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. He is proudly recognized as a successful project manager overseeing the construction phase of multimillion-dollar construction and infrastructure projects for government and private-sector clients. Backed by strong credentials and a proven history of on-schedule and on-budget project completions. Responsible for day-to-day operations in the Boston office, Mr. Munck oversees engineering procedures, laboratory operations, and technical reports.
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