Expanding Fenagh’s New York Operations: Daniel Minawi

Job Description

Daniel Minawi is Fenagh’s Director of Engineering, and currently operates out of our New York office. Daniel has a wealth of industry experience, having worked on a variety of projects including the World Trade Center and Hudson Yards Development. He’s responsible for maintaining all of Fenagh’s company goals in the New York region, from operations to engineering.

Every day is different in Daniel’s role, which comes with many duties and responsibilities that include the following:

-Managing projects
-Overseeing inspections
-Estimating new projects
-Field testing and inspections
-Meeting and taking out clients
-Bringing in new business and jobs
-Supervising the laboratory operations
-Hiring and training lab and field personnel
-Reviewing all lab testing and field reports
-Participating in networking/marketing events
-Organizing and tracking of all field personnel
-Signing and stamping all required New York documents

Daniel told us that having a lot of high responsibilities at Fenagh means he can manage in his own way, carrying out the different aspects of the company’s operations individually, as well as with the rest of the Fenagh team. In Daniel’s words, “It’s kind of impossible to get bored.”


Daniel is originally from Italy and received his Bachelors and International Masters of Science in Civil-Structural Engineering from the University of Bologna. He also gained a good amount of experience in a big material testing lab while he was in school. He later decided that he wanted to go to the United States of America to get more work experience.

He chose to move to New York in 2011, going on to earn his second Masters of Science in Civil-Structural Engineering from New York University. Since then he has worked as a Senior Engineer in two structural engineering consulting firms. Over the past 4 years, he has worked as a Project Manager at WSP in New York, a global engineering firm where he split his time between the office and several construction sites.


There are many challenges that come with managing a rapidly growing New York office. For example, each state has different requirements to practice as a Special Inspection and Lab Testing Agency. Fenagh’s NYC office gets jobs all over New York State and New Jersey, so Daniel is licensed as a PE in New York, and is in the process of obtaining licenses in New Jersey. These states all have different application forms to be sent to different agencies and administrations if you want to do business there. Collecting all of this information, as well as PE licenses in other states, can be very challenging, so Daniel always has plenty to keep him busy.

Expanding Fenagh's New York Operations: Daniel Minawi

There are also many different inspection types out there and Fenagh always keeps an eye on new technologies and opportunities to expand our portfolio of services. Any new service Fenagh provides first requires research of the costs of the licenses, specific equipment costs, certifications and permits required, training, timing, and estimated work we would get. By continuing to expand our scope of services, Daniel ensures that Fenagh will get a good amount of work while making sure our services are increasingly cost-effective.

Message to Applicants

Fenagh has offices in many locations, and Daniel appreciates the opportunity to work as part of a big team spread across the country. Anytime he needs information or help with something he isn’t familiar with, there is always somebody at the company who can help him out. In Daniel’s words, “Fenagh is like a big family of professionals, and a great place to grow. Send us your resume with a few references and if you have the right skills we will be happy to meet you!”


We hope you enjoyed learning more about Fenagh’s New York City-based Director of Engineering, Daniel Minawi. As Daniel said, if you are interested in joining Fenagh’s rapidly growing team, Contact Us today and we’ll be happy to talk!