Fenagh’s Brush with Destiny: Dublin’s Inauguration and Eugene Greenan’s Artwork

Fenagh Engineering and Testing stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Irish innovation, rooted deeply in the heritage of its founder, Patrick Greenan. Named after his father’s hometown of Fenagh, Co Leitrim, the company’s journey began with a focus on family and community.

Patrick Greenan’s vision for Fenagh Engineering and Testing was clear from the start: to prioritize safety and quality in all aspects of construction and infrastructure. With a family-first approach, the company takes immense pride in its role of performing special inspections and materials testing of critical infrastructure, ensuring that structures are built to code and safe for the community and families they serve.

From the start, Fenagh Engineering and Testing has remained committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence. From the meticulous inspection of bridges, roadways, buildings, and more to the thorough testing of construction materials, every aspect of the company’s work is driven by a dedication to precision and reliability.

Central to Fenagh’s core values is the belief that every structure built should not only meet regulatory standards but also exceed them, ensuring the safety and well-being of future generations. It is this dedication to excellence that sets Fenagh Engineering and Testing apart, earning the trust and respect of clients and communities alike.

At the heart of this mission is Patrick Greenan’s dedication to fostering connections between the USA and Ireland, guided by a deep commitment to Irish values and heritage. As Fenagh Engineering and Testing expands its reach with the opening of the Dublin operation in June 2024, the company’s commitment to its Irish roots remains steadfast. The Greenan family holds a passion for their homeland and it shines through in every project undertaken, reminding us of the importance of preserving our heritage while embracing the future. One of the ways Fenagh Engineering and Testing builds this bridge is through its steadfast support of organizations such as the USGAA (United States Gaelic Athletic Association), fostering a love for Irish culture and sports among communities in the USA. Additionally, Fenagh actively participates in initiatives like the J1 internship program, providing opportunities for Irish students to gain valuable experience in the United States while forging lifelong connections.

As Fenagh prepares to open its Dublin operation in June 2024, the unveiling of Eugene’s latest masterpiece holds special significance. This painting, like those that came before it, serves as a bridge between past and future, tradition, and innovation. It is a tribute to the journey that has brought Fenagh to this moment—a journey marked by perseverance, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.


 It was this deep connection to our homeland that inspired Eugene Greenan to commission special artwork for each of our offices—a tribute to the places that shaped us and the people who made it all possible.

Eugene Greenan, the artistic visionary of Fenagh Engineering and Testing, is not only a Steel Inspector but also an artist in his own right. Drawing inspiration from his Irish roots and his passion for creativity, Eugene infuses each painting with a unique blend of symbolism and sentiment, capturing the essence of the company and the community it serves.

Eugene’s paintings are more than just works of art—they are storytellers, each one weaving a narrative of the places and people they represent. Through vibrant colors, intricate details, and subtle symbolism, Eugene captures the spirit of each location, inviting viewers to explore, reflect, and connect with the world around them.

For Fenagh Engineering and Testing, the unveiling of Eugene’s painting at the opening of a new office is a moment of celebration and reflection—a chance to honor the past while embracing the future. It is a tradition that speaks to the company’s values and its belief in the power of art to inspire, unite, and transform. One such piece, created by Eugene himself, holds a particularly special place in our hearts. As we prepare to open our Dublin operation, we are thrilled to announce that this painting will be making its journey back to Ireland, where it rightfully belongs. It serves as a reminder of our past, a celebration of our present, and a beacon of hope for the future.

As we embark on this new chapter, we carry with us the lessons of the past and the promise of the future. Fenagh Engineering and Testing continues to lead the way in engineering innovation, guided by a commitment to safety, quality, and the enduring spirit of Irish heritage. Together, we build not just structures, but legacies that stand the test of time.