Engineering for United States Veterans: Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, MA

Fenagh is working with Payette Associates, DCAMM, and Consigli Construction, providing material testing services for the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Established in 1882, this multifaceted facility provides healthcare to veterans in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Chelsea Soldiers’ Home is undergoing a $100 million redevelopment project to replace its long term care facility.

As stated by Massachusetts Governor Charlier Baker, “It is our duty to care for those who stood up and served this nation, and our obligation to ensure that their sacrifices are not forgotten. This funding allows us to move forward in that commitment.”

None of what we do at Fenagh would be possible without the dedication and sacrifices of the men and women of the armed forces. We are proud to work on a project that will serve our veterans and hope our involvement will help yield the best final structure to serve them.

This is always our goal, and it’s especially important when we’re working on projects that serve veterans. In fact, Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea is not the only project Fenagh has worked on to serve our country’s veterans. 

Another project is Sun Valley Senior Veterans Apartments in California’s San Fernando Valley. This is an affordable senior housing complex for veterans that is part of Los Angeles’ goal to reduce homelessness.

We’re also working on another project for veterans in New England: Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Similar to Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, Holyoke’s self-described mission is to “provide ‘Care with Honor and Dignity’ in the best possible health care environment for eligible veterans who reside in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

The Chelsea Soldiers’ Home project aims to exceed LEED Silver certification requirements, and includes a state-of-the-art Community Living Center designed and operated in compliance with the federal Department of Veterans’ Affairs specifications. It will also provide various medical services including long-term care, skilled nursing care, an Alzheimer’s unit, and outpatient services.

For this project, Fenagh is providing numerous special inspections of materials including rebar, concrete, mortar, steel, and asphalt. We’re also testing that the construction complies with proper requirements pertaining to floor flatness, metal framing, anchors, stairs, railings, earth moving, and retaining walls. By testing all of the different elements of the project, we’ll ensure the veterans’ care center is built with the highest level of structural integrity.

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