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We recently released a new video highlighting our services and projects, that primarily features our One Dalton project in Boston. One Dalton is the tallest residential tower in New England at 740 feet and 61 stories tall. It consists of 712,500 square feet of residential, hotel, and retail space, as well as 180 private luxury condominium residences and a 215-room Four Seasons luxury hotel. The architects on the project are Cambridge Seven Associates and Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the general contractor is Suffolk Construction, and the developer is Carpenter & Company.

The Fenagh Team

Our team on this project consisted of the following people: • Rob Munck: Senior Project Manager • Will Peregoy: Resident Multidiscipline Inspector • Colleen Kelly: Project Coordinator • Christina Joo: Staff Engineer overseeing Modulus of Elasticity • Ray Wolf: Certified ASNT Level III Welding Inspector • Mekonnen Jeju: ACI Concrete Inspector A few of these people were in the video’s voiceovers, explaining their favorite aspects of the job, and the value that Fenagh provides over other inspection companies. The Fenagh field team worked as one with the entire One Dalton project team. Communication and coordination were key components in achieving this, from foreman to project executives and everyone in between. This helped everybody work as efficiently as possible and kept the project on schedule. The video shows this coordination in action, including engineers on the construction site and materials testing in our Boston laboratory.

Video Challenges

The largest challenge we faced in shooting the video was scheduling and getting the proper clearance to shoot on site. Many projects would not allow us to film, or had restrictions due to the projects being active sites. In order to overcome this, we had to work closely with our project managers to get access to multiple sites. Many projects were hesitant, but luckily the One Dalton Tower Development was open to having us film there. We had to coordinate with the on-site team, our resident team, and the videographer. There were also some limitations on the construction site that required us to adapt some shots from our initial vision. For example, we were unable to fly a drone from the top of the core due to the height of the building. Despite this, we were ultimately happy with the footage that we were able to capture.

Highlights from Production

While there were certainly challenges, we enjoyed the time at One Dalton getting some great shots from the deck, and capturing the concrete sampling. The team worked very hard during the duration of the project and it was great to capture some of that. Best of all, we could not have asked for a nicer day to shoot. The interviews were also great because we enjoyed hearing from all of our Fenagh team members and how passionate they are about their roles.

Technical Details

Coordination was vital in executing all project needs, most specifically the DOKA column jump breaks. The One Dalton schedule relied on being able to jump the DOKA, so it was imperative that our team executed those breaks and relayed the data to the team in an efficient manner. The project schedule was reliant on the break data, and it was up to our team to provide that information in an efficient manner. CWI and project management really brought our services to another level during One Dalton’s belt truss erection. The belt truss was an extremely complex design that required an immense amount of onsite welding, and continuous inspection. We began with one inspector, then brought on another, and the demands for inspections of the welds continued to increase. It was essentially a race against time because the project schedule hit a halt until the belt truss was fully erected and encased in concrete. Back in October 2017 during the erection and welding of the belt truss, we received a request for 24/7 welding inspections, which would require two additional inspectors and our team to work around the clock beginning the next day at 7AM. We had to scramble and pull resources from the west coast, but we were able to make it happen. After close to 3 months, the belt truss was finally completed and the construction of the condos commenced. Modulus of Elasticity services were also a hot item on this project, because Fenagh is the only inspection company in the area that can do MOE testing. The data was imperative to the project team, and the rigidness of the structure. The mix designs being used on One Dalton were high tech, and some of the first the city has seen. The team was constantly in need of the data to analyze and see how the new design was performing.

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