Fenagh Intern Gets Hired Full Time

As summer comes to a close, so does the service of interns across the country.

Here at Fenagh, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our incredible interns, Austin Phillips. Austin is just finishing up his internship, having started 1 year ago in September 2017. He recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s next in store for him.

In fact, he has enjoyed his time and become such a valuable asset as an intern that he will be staying onboard to work Full Time at Fenagh starting this September!

When we asked, Austin told us that Fenagh played a major influence in shaping his long-term career goals. He told us, “Majoring in mechanical engineering, I came to Fenagh knowing nothing about concrete. So Fenagh has taught me everything I know about concrete, and now I am studying to take my ACI certification test. As for future career goals, I don’t have a specific dream job, but I am thankful for Fenagh hiring me full time and giving me a chance to see if this is the right career for me.” Austin first found out about the internship opportunity at Fenagh through his college’s job board. When he saw the post, he did some brief research on our company and decided to apply.

There were a few reasons Austin enjoyed his internship at Fenagh:

  1. At his previous internship, he sat at a computer all day. Fenagh was different because we offer the opportunity for interns to move around while working in the lab and going out to job sites.
  2. Fenagh also offered experiences and opportunities that were different from those he had at his previous internship. Because of this, Austin felt that it was a good idea to have experience with multiple industries moving forward in his career. By doing this, he could make sure he not only figured out what he liked the most, but could also add a larger overall engineering skillset to his résumé.
  3. Austin really liked the company culture at Fenagh. He told us, “Everyone here at Fenagh is friendly, helpful, and understanding. Everyone is willing to help you further your knowledge about the industry and teach you new things.”
  4. His favorite memory from Fenagh so far was going to the top of the One Dalton tower project in Boston. He said it was a cool experience and a great view of Boston.
  5. Aside from all the technical stuff he learned about concrete, Austin felt that learning how to interact with his co-workers in a professional way was a very valuable experience, since those skills can be brought to any workplace and will always be helpful in his career.

It was a pleasure having Austin Phillips as an intern and we’re excited to work with him Full Time moving forward.

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