Harnessing Nuclear Energy with GGL Inspections

One of Fenagh’s most innovative services is Gamma Gamma Logging (GGL), a non-destructive test used for quality assurance of CIDH (cast in drilled hole) piles or concrete walls. This is one of the most cutting edge special inspections on the market today. There are very few firms that offer this type of test, so we’re excited to tell you about it and share the experience of one of our qualified GGL inspectors.

In layman’s terms, GGL is a type of engineering inspection used to determine how homogenous a concrete pile is. If you don’t know what concrete piles are, they are a type of footing used in a building’s foundation. A concrete pile is essentially a column of concrete that penetrates far into the earth’s surface at varying depths based on the structure’s stability requirements. GGL is used to test the structural integrity of these piles.

GGL requires a nuclear gauge that uses a radioactive source to emit radiation into the pile and receive signals back that show a reading of the concrete’s homogeneity and structural integrity. This test is an essential part of many Caltrans projects, and is used for a lot of transportation projects, like high speed rail and highways.

Fenagh currently offers GGL testing, and our very own Jorge Perez was part of a group of inspectors that recently visited the Caltrans facility to receive certification for the GGL testing method, called CT-233.

They spent a lot of time setting up their equipment and updating their software properly. After that, they were given sample barrels of concrete to test. These barrels’ homogeneity was pre-determined, so it was up to Jorge to accurately deliver the measurements. Mount Sopris, the manufacturer of the GGL probe, was also present at the training session, teaching Jorge and the other inspectors about the basics of operating the device, calibrating it, and what all the measurements mean.

Jorge told us that this training session at Caltrans was a great experience for him both personally and professionally. He had a great time and enjoyed seeing the beautiful city of Sacramento. His favorite part of the experience was getting to know all of the other inspectors and sharing their various experiences in the engineering and testing industry. Jorge is a self-proclaimed people person and always enjoys getting out to make new connections.

GGL is an emerging technology and we will definitely be seeing more of it in the world of construction special inspections and materials testing.

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