Leading the Digital Transformation of Anaheim

Fenagh is helping to transform the digital infrastructure of Anaheim, California!

This is an underground project in which the contractor, Asplundh, is trenching and installing a variety of conduits for multiple applications including electrical, fiber optic, telephone, and TV conduits.

Conduit installation will eventually eliminate the overhead cables and poles completely!

As it stands now, all of the conduits have been installed and the contractor is running electrical cables. Soon, other entities will begin to run the telephone, tv, and fiber optic cables.

The specific services we’re providing are:
  • Observation of:
    • Trenching
    • Conduit installation
    • Encasement concrete placement for conduits
    • Backfill and compaction efforts
    • Base course AC placement and compaction
  • Testing and Inspection of backfilling operations, including compaction testing and temp base course AC
  • Soil and Asphalt Laboratory Testing

Fenagh has an on-call inspections and materials testing contract with the City of Anaheim, so we need inspectors with the right certifications and experience. The City of Anaheim Public Works and Electrical Departments require inspectors with experience in city, ICC soils, ACI and ICC concrete. Primarily though, they need people with public works experience.

The benefits of this project are as follows:

Infrastructure Benefits:

For one thing, it is great news for the tax paying community, who can see their taxes going into real-time infrastructure improvements. The new system will also lower power outages since wind and rain will no longer be factors.

Safety Benefits:

Having everything underground prevents people from crashing cars into poles and damaging overhead utilities. On that note, it will also save tax dollars by reducing the need to repair future damages from accidents.

Aesthetic Benefits:

Plainly speaking, overhead cables are an eye sore. Moving these utilities underground will create new site lines that were previously obstructed for tourists and residents.

Fenagh worked together, with the construction team and the city of Anaheim, to ensure that construction activities were in conformance with project drawings and specifications, bringing the City’s vision to light.

The project’s final phases are wrapping up with trenching and conduit installation, and commencing with overhead utility removal, grinding, and overlay operations.

If you want to learn more about this project, or you need special inspections and materials testing on your next project, Contact Us Today!