Albert N. Parlin School

Albert N. Parlin School Renovation, 587 Broadway

Everett, Massachusetts

Description: Renovations have been completed for the Albert N. Parlin School located at 587 Broadway. The first two phases of the project included general construction and upgrades, renovation of bathrooms, installation of new outside doors and an overhaul of the school’s electrical system and replacement of over 400 windows. Phase 3 of the project cost approximately $2.5 million and included rebuilding the gym with new bathrooms, two oversized storage closets, an office for the physical education teacher, a new gym floor, new acoustic wall panels, and electrical and HVAC upgrades, a new lighting system, new basketball hoops/ backboards and a scoreboard. Renovation of the existing stage area included new stage floor, new stage lighting system, new stage speaker system, new stage curtain, new scenery system and HVAC upgrades. All hallways and stairwells were renovated with new interior fire doors, frames, hardware and new flooring. The $7 million renovation was bonded by the Mayor’s Office, and received the support of City Hall and the School Committee.

Scope of Work: For this project, Fenagh provided special inspections and materials testing of concrete, soils, structural steel, anchor bolt, and reinforcing steel. Learn more about Fenagh’s services here.