Alewife Garage, Level 2 & 3 Assessment

Alewife Garage, Level 2 & 3 Assessment, 35 Cambridgepark Dr

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Description: The Davis Companies plans to renovate the existing building at 35 Cambridge Park Drive into a modern and environmentally conscious (LEED Gold) research building. This project will include the renovation of the existing 140,000 square foot building and an addition of 47,139 square feet of new construction. For this portion of the project, testing and inspections were performed on levels 2 & 3 of the Alewife Garage.

Scope of Work: Fenagh completed the existing conditions survey of the Alewife parking garage. The intent of the survey was to determine if the existing infrastructure complies with the current local and national applicable codes. The areas of inspections generally consisted of the Base Line Light Survey, Emergency Light Survey, Emergency Generator Testing, Carbon Monoxide Testing, and Standpipe Testing. Learn more about Fenagh’s services here.