Bristol County Jail

Bristol County Jail, 400 Faunce Corner Rd

North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Description: This eleven hundred (1100) bed facility houses male inmates convicted of crimes with a sentence of 2 ½ years or less; higher security female inmates or pre-trial detainees, and higher security male pre-trial detainees. The facility is comprised of several decentralized housing units with varying levels of security, a medical unit, and a 400 bed Modular Unit housing sentenced inmates who have progressed through an accountability based classification system to earn a spot in the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Unit, the Pre-Release Program, and the Work Crews.

Scope of Work: For this project, Fenagh performed visual quality inspection of the in-place roof system for any cracks, cuts, and discontinuity in seams. Learn more about Fenagh’s services here.