Fiske/Schofield Renovation Project

Wellesley, Massachusetts

Description: With one of the best public school systems in the greater Boston region, Wellesley is known as a quintessential New England town within commuting distance of a major city. The renovations of the schools will consist of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, drainage and paving.

Scope of Work: Fenagh has been awarded the contract to provide materials testing and special inspections for the Wellesley Fiske Elementary School and Schofield Elementary School. Working with architecture firm Dore & Whittier out of Newburyport, MA, Fenagh will be conducting materials testing on newly paved concrete and soils as well as providing special inspections to ensure the structural safety of the schools. Construction on these schools will begin June of 2015, with Phase 1 taking the duration of summer break and Phase 2 spanning summer break 2016.