Quincy Bridge

Quincy Bridge Rails, 28 Sycamore Ave.

Medford, Massachusetts

Description: Bridge railing installation in Medford, MA and the surrounding region is one of the unique capabilities Santini Brothers Iron Works, Inc. brings to thier customers. They are both adept at working at the scale these projects demand and familiar with their unique nuances and expectations. Their AISC certification assures their customers that a trusted, reliable, and capable fabrication company will complete their projects. Their experience with bridge railing products stems from involvement on diverse projects, including both pedestrian and traffic railings. Recently Fenagh provided on-call services for Santini’s Quincy Bridge Rails project in Medford, Massachusetts, inspecting the bridges rails and screen.

Scope of Work: For this project, Fenagh provided CWI visual welding inspections, steel shop inspections, and welder qualification review. Learn more about Fenagh’s services here.