Rowland Water District

Rowland Heights, California

Description: We worked with Fuel Pros Inc., CEMEX, and the City of Rowland Heights on construction for the Rowland Water District (RWD) in Rowland Heights, California. RWD has prioritized investment in recycled water development to decrease dependence on costly imported water. RWD supplies recycled water for irrigation, construction, cooling towers and industrial processes. Fenagh performed special inspections and materials testing on subgrade for RWD’s tank pad slab.

Scope of Work: Our scope of work entailed grading observation, density testing, and soil sample analysis. The sub-grade material sample was delivered to Fenagh’s lab for proctor testing. Field density testing was performed in accordance with ASTM D6938, and Laboratory Maximum Dry Density testing was performed in accordance with ASTM D1557.¬†Learn more about Fenagh’s services here.