Seaport Block L4

Seaport Block L4, 50 East Service Road

Boston, Massachusetts

Description: This project consists of a 17 story retail and office building to be constructed on a 1.63-acre parcel in Boston’s Seaport Square. The 525,000 square foot building will feature 81,000 square feet of retail space on the first two levels accompanied by 444,000 square feet of office space on the upper 15 levels. WS Development has announced in the spring of 2018 that Amazon had signed to lease approximately 430,000 square feet of office space at a planned office building overlooking the Seaport District’s future Harbor Square public park. Approximately 2,000 Amazon employees would work at Amazon’s new space. Amazon’s lease would fill the planned building, located on Seaport Square Parcel L4 at the corner of Autumn Lane and East Service Road next to Skanska’s new 121 Seaport office tower, entirely.

Scope of Work: For this project Fenagh provided onsite testing and inspections of concrete, reinforcing steel, masonry, fireproofing, and structural steel, as well as offsite steel shop inspections. We also provided laboratory testing of concrete, masonry grout, masonry mortar, and fireproofing. Learn more about Fenagh’s services here.