South Acton MBTA Station

South Acton MBTA Station, 4 Central Street

Acton, Massachusetts

Description: The South Acton station now has two operating tracks, instead of one, with separate platforms for inbound and outbound trains. Passengers will board at the floor level instead of walking up steps into the train, and boarding will be handicapped-accessible. Overhead walkways that connect both platforms, with stairs and elevators, will shelter passengers throughout the year. Passengers who travel from the main parking lot on Central Street to the inbound platform will use this walkway. Riders will be able to wait in sheltered areas, with improved signage. The station will also include a new entrance with a drop-off/pickup area and bike lockers on Maple Street to ensure the station can be accessed from the south side of the tracks.

Scope of Work: Fenagh’s scope of work on this project included magnetic particle testing / field welding inspections. Learn more about Fenagh’s services here.