Irish Roots Run Deep

Fenagh takes pride in our strong Irish roots. Patrick Greenan, one of Fenagh’s founding members, had close ties to the “Fenagh” name. His father was born in Fenagh, Ireland in Co. Leitrim.

To continue our support for both our staff and our Irish heritage, we are excited to announce our partnership with the USGAA. Fenagh has various employees that are involved with the USGAA ranging from players to Board of Directors.

This 2021 partnership will generate many internship and job opportunities. With our national presence from New England to California, we hope to continue our trend to grow our team with members of the USGAA network joining our workforce.

Summer J-1 visa students will have the opportunity to apply for our summer internship programs, and players located state side full-time will have the opportunity to join our field, laboratory, and marketing staff.

While this is a coast to coast national sponsorship, our strong Irish roots and love of sports will continue to bring us all together.

We look forward to attending the USGAA 2021 Finals in Boston this summer and beginning our partnership as we continue to grow our operation together.

We look forward to growing with the USGAA! Fenagh currently has opportunities for employment at all locations. We are seeking to add engineers, inspectors, and lab technicians to the Fenagh team. Come join us!